Posted on 18th March, 2019

After scoping out the tracks on our last trip at Cartagena it was decided the team would love a go at Almeria AND Andalucia on the same visit.


In true Tasker style there was no hesitation to get our next adventure booked and with only 17 days to get the bikes ready and our bags packed we accepted the challenge and started counting down the days to the first trip of 2019.


Unfortunately Sammi and Max were unable to make the trip this time. It was not the same without the pink pocket rocket riding around but 2019 has more trips in store that will bring the whole team together!


The 1st of March arrived and so did some of the team into Malaga airport to collect our car and get on the road to Almeria. Andrew and Paw T both had their zx10's to enjoy their 2 days on track under the sun! With no time to be wasted we headed straight for the track to unpack and get the bikes sorted for the madness to begin on Saturday morning.


Paw T took to the track first and loved every minute of Almeria, Andrew decided to really make the most of it and do 9 sessions per day! This meant he finished a 20 minute session on one track, drove over the paddock and straight back out onto another, after lunch each day a 3rd track was opened which was Almeria and Andalucia combined 'Circuit De Espana' this track was 9km long and took almost 4 minutes to complete 1 lap.


Paw T had an off during a session on Almeria but thanks to his Helite Air Vest he escaped with only a bruised elbow. See our links tab to check out the website for these incredible vests!

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