Sammi Tasker #97

Posted on 10th March, 2018

1.Q - Name and age?

A - Sammi Tasker, 26.


2.Q - when did you start racing and what did you race?

A - i started racing age 5 on a Polini (check with Andrew on that one…cheating LOL)


3.Q - Favourite track?

A - Portimao, Aragon, Brandshatch.


4.Q - Favourite bike ridden?

A - Suzuki GSXR 600 closely followed by Aprilia rs125.


5.Q -  Best and worst race moments?

A - Best race moment…probably winning my first ever 600 race in the open class at East Fortune OR getting on the podium with 2nd place at Knockhill BSB round for Knockhill club.Both amazing battles and memories that will stick with me forever.

Worst - hmm i don’t really have one, its all a learning curve for me.


6.Q - Who is your racing idol?

A - Its got to be Rossi but i also love Guy Martin because he’s crazy and has no fear!


7.Q - Other hobbies?

A - Cycling, gym, moto x and chilling.


8.Q - Favourite food?

A - Fajitas or a roast chicken dinner.


9.Q - What item would you be lost without on a race weekend?

A - EAR PLUGS, i couldn’t deal with the bike sounding different!


10.Q - Track you most want to ride in the world?

A - Im not sure i have one i REALLY want to do…any others we do is a lucky bonus.

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