Posted on 18th March, 2019

This trip started with a pit stop at Valencia for the last round of the 2018 Moto GP.

We flew to Spain on Thursday 15th November and spent the weekend in Valencia enjoying the practicing, qualifying and incredible racing, we took a little bit of Scotland with us as it was pouring down the whole time but we enjoyed ourselves! 


After the last race of the day and the year on Sunday we hit the road for the 3 hour journey to Cartagena with Redline Trackdays for Paw T, Andrew and Sammi to enjoy their own track time. Unfotunately the rain continued in Cartagena but that didnt stop us! Sammi only had one day on track due to work committments so she made the most of it and had a play on big bros Mille and a Honda cb600 hire bike. Paw T also had Andrews RSV Mille for the track day and Andrew has his zx10rr to play on. 


Andrew and Paw T had an extra 2 days on track and after a soggy start the sun made an appearance and they enjoyed their last few sessions before heading home.


Although the track time at Cartagena came to an end Andrew, Paw T and Mum decided what better way to decide where we are going next than driving 100 miles to Almeria to watch some more bikes and scope out the tracks!

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