Andrew Tasker #79

Posted on 10th March, 2018

1.Q Name and age?

A - Andrew Tasker, 28.


2.Q - when did you start racing and what did you race?

A- My first race was when i was 6 at Leuchars moto x track on a kx60.


3.Q - Favourite track?

A - Jerez and Donnington


4.Q - Favourite bike ridden?

A - My 2016 zx10rr.


5.Q - Best and worst race moments?

A - Worst…I’ve had a few - Losing a Knockhill championship by 0.01 of a second!!!

breaking my back at Croft or my pelvis at East Fortune…i will never forget how long my legs are again!

Best - Most of my championship wins but over them all, winning the Ken Redfern trophy twice.


6.Q - Who is your racing idol?

A - Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner for the way they rode the bikes and Ryan Dungey (moto x racer) for his ridiculous speed and consistancy.


7.Q - Other hobbies?

A - Moto x, destroying on xbox, running and cycling.


8.Q - Favourite food?

A - Beans on toast, gregs sausage bean and cheese melt, fajitas or a Hollybank cheeseburger!


9.Q - What item would you be lost without on a race weekend?



10.Q - Track you would most want to ride anywhere in the world?

A - Muggelo in Italy, Road Atlanta in America or Laguna Seca.


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